Garrison 2


General Description

Extreme air extraction series 3-in-1 bathroom heater with two 5w LED centre lights. Product appearance may slightly vary.
Model: Z2HLS


  • High air extraction series
  • Instant infrared heat globe
  • Two energy efficient LED lights
  • Long life ball bearing motor
  • Side duct with energy saving draft stopper
  • Comes with 150mm x 3m Alum Duct and a Fixed Grille.
  • Includes a 3 gang switch, 2 x 375w Heat Lamps and 2 x 5w LED Globes.


  • Model Name: GARRISON
  • Model Number: Z2HLS
  • Colour: Silver
  • Exhaust Motor Power: 40w
  • Ball bearing motor: Yes
  • Air Delivery: 480m3h/360m³h *Please refer to techsheet below
  • Grille Size: 525 x 305mm
  • Cut out size: 470 x 240mm
  • Min. install depth: 220mm
  • Side outlet duct size: 150mm diameter
  • Heat Lamps: 2 x 375w globes
  • Down Lights: 2 x 5w energy saving LEDs
  • Colour: Natural White 4000K
  • Warranty: 3 Years

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