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We have had several customers contact us and enquire if they should switch off their ventilation to help reduce the risk of Covid-19. The reality is the advice is exactly the opposite and it’s a time to increase outdoor airflow and check that ventilation systems are working correctly and that filters are clean.

The general guidance from health authorities such as social distancing and washing hands helps reduce the risk of infection. However, the important thing for us to remember is that the air we breathe can also play its part in helping to keep us healthy.

Increasing the rate that outdoor air is introduced into our buildings helps to dilute any airborne pathogens. Research has indicated that good ventilation reduces the risk of infection and the inclusion of filtration can reduce it even further (‘How healthy buildings can help us fight coronavirus’, Financial Times, 9th February 2020). With a closer focus on deep cleaning surfaces with chemicals, along with spending more time indoors through either isolation or reduced social interaction we also increase our exposure to potentially harmful pollutants. Ventilation with higher quantities of outside air helps to dilute these as well.

Now we are at Level 3 we are spending more time indoors than usual. If we are at home, it’s important to remember that it’s not the time to shut up our building or switch off ventilation devices. Ventair are well placed to provide fresh, filtered air into people’s homes helping to reduce the risk of transmission.

Our customer service and sales teams remain available by phone or email to support any further questions you have and trust that you continue to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

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