Exhaust fan FAQ’s

Why do I need an exhaust fan?

These days, exhaust fans are considered an important part of maintaining a healthy living environment. Exhaust fans perform many functions including, removal of steam and odours, control of condensation and mould growth, and replacing stale air with fresh air by means of negative pressure (i.e: stale air is removed, fresh air is drawn in to replace it).

How do I prevent steam and condensation in my Bathroom?

Check out Ventair’s Condensation Management flyer for some great information on how to control steam, condensation, and mould growth.

How do I choose the correct exhaust fan?

Choosing an exhaust fan can be confusing, considering the range of products available.

Check out the exhaust fan range on our website and / or speak directly to Ventair Product Support on 1300665926. Staff will be happy to assist with choosing the correct exhaust fan for your application.

What is the best position for an exhaust fan?

A good rule of thumb is to position the exhaust fan as far away from the replacement air source as possible.

Please see the “Direction of Airflow” section on our Condensation Management flyer. Note that Open windows are not advised.

Do I have to duct the fan out?

In the past, it was commonplace to vent an exhaust fan directly into a ceiling space. However, new regulations now state that exhaust fans must be ducted to the outside air. Venting directly into a roof cavity can create issues with condensation and mould growth that can have a detrimental effect on human health if left unchecked.

How much ducting can I add to my fan?

Put simply, the longer the duct run, the lower the volume of airflow. However, Ventair’s Airbus range of fans is designed to maintain excellent airflow levels, over longer lengths of ducts and is widely regarded as the industry benchmark in residential side ducted exhaust fans.