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2020 Annual Report & Action Plan



Green Economy Mark

Volution Group plc, the parent company of Ventair Pty Ltd, have received the London Stock Exchange's Green Economy Mark which is given to companies, or funds, that derive more than 50% of revenues from environmental solutions. Currently, less than 100 organisations have it and Volution Group plc are only the fourth Building Material's Company to receive it.

The Mark recognises that Volution Group plc are contributing to the global green economy and helps the company emphasise to investors their commitment to support the transition to a sustainable, low carbon economy.

This would not have been possible without the hard work of employees across the organisation. All help contribute to the creation and delivery of innovative, low carbon products and this helps validate all the efforts being made by company employees around the world.

As Volution Group plc continues to drive its sustainability strategy, the company can be proud of its achievements and be encouraged to develop the next generation of products as well as finding new initiatives to reduce waste and minimise its carbon footprint.

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