Spyda Ceiling Fan

Spyda Ceiling Fan Range

Ventair is proud to announce the arrival of the new SPYDA Ceiling Fan range; The Spyda is a truly all round fan that is ground breaking in looks, performance and durability.

Using the highest quality components and precision engineering our design technicians have created a fan that will revolutionise the Australian Fan Market.

Ventair’s all new True Spin Technology™ means no balancing is required and allows the quietest of operation while maintaining optimum air circulation.

The combination of our True Spin Technology™ and aerodynamic blade design has been crafted to produce an excellent power to performance ratio. This means more air movement per watt of power consumption which translates directly into energy savings for the consumer.

The Spyda Ceiling fan has been specifically designed to last in covered outdoor areas and is built using longer lasting, corrosion resistant materials.

The SPYDA Ceiling Fan has a full range of quick connect accessories including Remote Controls and Extension Rods. It is currently available in 6 colours; Satin White, Matte Black,Titanium,Walnut, Bamboo and Teak.

Available Models 

Spyda White Ceiling FanSPY903WH900mmSPYRFR36
Spyda Black Ceiling FanSPY903BL900mmSPYRFR36
Spyda Titanium Ceiling FanSPY903TI900mmSPYRFR36
Spyda White Ceiling FanSPY1253NWH1250mmSPYFRF5056
Spyda Black Ceiling FanSPY1253NBL1250mmSPYRFR5056
Spyda Titanium Ceiling FanSPY1253NTI1250mmSPYRFR5056
Spyda Teak Ceiling FanSPY1253NTK1250mmSPYRFR5056
Spyda Bamboo Ceiling FanSPY1253NBAM
Spyda Walnut Ceiling FanSPY1253NWN1250mmSPYRFR5056

Available Accessories